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Do I count the barbell weight in my bench press weight?

Let's say I slap on a 45 pound plate on both sides. Would I say I bench 90 pounds or do I add the weight of the barbell into that number as well? Please let me know. And how much does a standard olympic barbell actually weigh?


I use a 45 pound olympic bar

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    You shouldn't count the bar (it's just a 'bar'; a barbell is the 'axle' plus a load on each end), because its weight varies from gym to gym.

    It's true that you are lifting its weight, but it is a bit wimpish (outside of an official competition) to feel the need for including it in your 'score'. You are meant to feel secretly superior to somebody who claims to outlift you because they include it.

    The 'olympic' bit refers to its shape; even in specialised sports-team gyms, an International Olympic Committee specified bar would not be used in ordinary conditioning.

    Olympic bars have a two-inch 'disc rail' on each end of a thinner 'grip'; the other sort is 'standard' or 'plain' and is the same thickness (usually an inch) all the way along. Some plain bars have a built-in 'stop' at each end of the grip, to keep the discs from sliding towards the middle. Without this, they need an 'inner collar' instead.

    Plain bars usually weigh between ten and fifteen pounds; an olympic bar is heavier because of the thicker parts. Most weigh between 20 and 30 pounds. The IOC-spec bar weighs 40 pounds for women, and 44 for men. It's heavier because of the high-strength 'spring' steel that is needed in order to ensure it will bend under extreme loading instead of breaking.

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    I always did. You are lifting it aren't you. Standard bars used to weigh 11lbs and the slightly stronger ones 17lbs.

    So with 90lbs of weight plus 11lb you have been benching 101lbs.

    I am not aware of Olympic weights or if they count the weight of the bar in the lift - I suspect they do.

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