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Anonymous asked in 科學工程學 · 6 years ago

Home safety

Living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom有咩safety rules?

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    The following are examples only. There can be more.


    - Make sure sink and bathtub drain plugs are removed when not in use. Water can accumulate and drown babies.

    - Slippery floor. Ensure the floor is dry and free from slippery items like soap bars. Wear slippers if necessary.

    - Buckets, bathing basins (for babies) should be emptied to prevent babies drowning.

    - Keep cleaning agents (e.g. toilet cleaners, bleach) in safe containers and in a cool dry place.

    - Do not mix cleaning agents. Poisonous gases like chlorine may be released.

    - Good ventilation required.


    - Sharp items such as knives and can openers should be kept in safe places.

    - Slippery floor due to water and grease. Clean it up.

    - Close washing machine doors when not in use to prevent babies from getting trapped.

    - Be careful when using gas stoves. You may get burned.

    - Use oven glove when using the oven. The oven can reach 250 degrees Celcius.

    - Clean up loose items, food packaging and grease from the working top. They may catch fire!

    - Use countdown timers if necessary to remind you to turn off the stove. This prevents fires.

    - Good ventilation required. This prevents carbon monoxide poisoning.

    - No metallic items in the microwave. It may explode.

    - Do not use cleaning agents near food. They may be harmful.

    - Cooking equipment use a lot of electricity e.g. 2000-3000W on average. Plug them into independent sockets to prevent overload--which may lead to fires.

    Living room and bedroom:

    - Some household electrical appliances, especially heaters and air-con, use a lot of electricity. Use independent sockets.

    - Better housekeeping to reduce trip hazards.

    - Clean up loose items to prevent babies from eating them.

    - Use dummy plugs to block power sockets when not in use. This prevents babies from trapping their fingers and get electrocuted.

    - Fold up the duvet (on the bed). Babies may get trapped under it and suffocate.

    - Lock up the window grilles to pervent people from falling out.

    Source(s): Own experience
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