Ankle injury question?

About three weeks ago I rolled my ankle pretty bad. It started swelling up huge almost immediately. I couldn't move or bear any weight on it but waited a few days just to see if it would heal itself. it ended up just getting worse and bruised from my toes to the top of my shin. Everyone who saw my ankle at this point was sure it was broken in some way. So I went in for x rays but the doctor said there were no visible breaks and therefore a sprain that should heal in about two weeks. Well it's now been three weeks and it's still a little swollen and bruised and the best I can manage is a Frankenstein limp for short distances and I still need to use crutches for anything farther. My question is is it possible that there could have been some kind of fracture that was missed on the initial x rays? Thanks in advance

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  • 7 years ago
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    I wouldent think there is a break or fracture but I badly sprained my ankle 9 months ago all my frainds said it looked broken it wasent but I was told a few months ago that it was probs chipped but I don't want to miss any sports to get surgery to fix it so I just use pain meds I could bearly walk for 2 months and im glad I got hurt in the last game cuz it would have ended my season so wait a few weeks it will eventully heal up in 3 months if there is still a lot of pain then go to a sports medicine doc that would be able to tell If u have that injury but give it some time cuz a minor sprain takes 2-3 weeks to heal a moderate sprain takes 4-6 weeks to heal and an uncomplicates grade 3 sprain takes up to 3 months if its complicated then It can take up to a year.

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  • 7 years ago

    As to your main question : could they have missed something? YES, Doctors/technicians are human, they make mistakes, miss stuff because of preconceived thoughts or distractions, lack of sleep Ect.

    Now you might be asking yourself, should i go and have it looked at again. The answer is plural,

    A. If you have insurance, do not EVER hesitant to get a second opinion if what your hearing dose not sound right or true.

    B. No insurance, but your almost POSITIVE theres something seriously wrong, spend the money, it will cost less in the long run, better safe then sorry.

    Source(s): Personal Health Consultant. Broken eye socket, torn ligaments(wrist), split growth plate (ankle) <also possibility your issue.
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  • Seth
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    7 years ago

    Doubt it ankle fractures are easy to see on X ray and rarely are missed

    Source(s): Ankle Sprain vs Ankle Fracture How to tell the difference
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