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I need help with the name of a music app?

so a couple months ago some guy showed me an app where you can download music and it will then transfer to your iTunes library but it won't have the album artwork. so pretty much it downloads music straight to your music library. I just need to know the name. your help is great appreciated. oh and also there is no way to move r and b soul so if you're here for that I'm sorry.

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    Ok hmmmm "I'm guessing you're using an IPHONE"..If this is the case "why you didn't ask the guy the name of this app?.I'm very sure he woulda told ya!"....Free download app and icloud are the best for downloading music for syncing your music to itunes. Goto youtube and type in. "Free download music app" is a popular downloading app for iphone users who have itunes on a mac or me, I've typed your question on youtube and bam!! Your source came up easy on youtube for answers for different type of music apps for itunes......The same for android phones "you haven't stated what type of phone your using or any device for your question to better assist you, that would be helpful if you stated what type of phone,pc you have or like an iphone or android" to get a better understanding of what device you're working with to download a music app to sync with itunes!!!!..

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