Engineering at University of Iowa vs Iowa State?

Engineering at University of Iowa vs Iowa State?

I'd rather go to the u of i but ive heard iowa state is good for engineering. Ive kind of grown up to hate iowa state but i dont know if i would get a better education there..i want to go into software engineering

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    Part one of your homework is to thoroughly read through the college catalogs for each university and see what courses are required, and the electives for your major. Then find the most current schedule of classes and see who is teaching those courses. After that, you can review the faculty pages for each campus. Then, if you're really "gung ho" to do a little preliminary research, head over to your local university and ask if you can have guest access to the databases that include research journals in this field. Search for articles authored by each faculty member.

    Probably the easiest step above is to locate the faculty and review where they earned their degrees and what their research interests have been.

    Univ. of Iowa

    Iowa State

    Iowa State catalog

    Univ of Iowa catalog

    Can you set up a job shadow situation? That way you see "a day in the life" of someone working in your field and at the same time have an opportunity to talk about college choices. You could ask people in the field what they know about graduates of each program and the work done by faculty at each institution.

    Other factors to consider in your comparison... 1. campus computer labs - size, availability, software, etc. 2. student organizations relating to your field - how active are they, can you speak with students about their experience at each campus 3. Alumni associations.. can you meet with recent graduates?

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