Which option explains the correct position?

(1) God creates the Universe and prefers to stay outside His Creation (Universe).

(2) God creates the universe and prefers to enter ("Vis") into His Creation (Universe) and Stabilises Himself ("Nu") there =>Vis+nu.

In which Option God will be "Present" in His creation,namely the place of worship (in the Universe) ?


I believe that the word " Stabilise" is the correct synonym for " STHITHAM" in Sanskrit.

" Anthar Bahischita Sarvam Vyaaptha Naaraayana Sthitham"

The Guide, who leads Human beings in Spiritual Path ( Nara+ Ayana=Sri.Naarayana) pervades,imbibes and super-imposes the entire Universe and remains stable ( Stitham) in the Universe.I stand for correction if the translation of the word is not correct.

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    7 years ago
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    No gods or devils exist anywhere outside of any ones brainwashed uneducated childish minds!!!

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    I would say neither explains the correct position. I wouldn't say God has a preference regarding whether His relationship to the universe is transcendant or immanent. I would say that God's preference is to be found within His relationship to created persons, and that whether that relationship demands his transcendence or immanence is what drive God's choices in this regard. So He is both transcendant and immanent, depending on what the relationship needs.

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    “God is not a being or an entity. God is the great positive force, the collective positive force of all that is. To call god an entity and especially to personify god is to limit the concept.” God is the Universal Consciousness, the Intelligent Infinity, the One Source, the Prime Creator. EVERYTHING IS GOD. God is All There Is. We are all part of god. All the universes combined are part of god.

    “We souls are a single unit of consciousness that stems from the Creator’s consciousness. This is known as “Infinite Consciousness.” All units of consciousness are interconnected to all other types of consciousness. Everything that exists is called the “Creator” (also known as the Source). Infinite Consciousness is the universal energy that exists everywhere or “All that is.”

    Each one of us was given a divine mission – go away and explore ourselves. LEARN, GROW, AND UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING THAT HAS BEEN CREATED and eventually rejoin the Creator after having learnt everything that is infinitely possible to experience and having acquired the highest understanding of creation itself or “all that is.” Your path of evolution is unique to you, but you are not separate from other souls, rather your individuality is your unique story and journey to understand creation.

    Your mission is achieved by ascending your individual consciousness through each of the dimensions within the universe. To begin your mission, you had to experience a variety of intense “third density” (i.e. the physical universe) lessons on earth, including selfishness, pain, poverty, love, anger, etc. Earth is a planet to begin evolving your consciousness at the infant level, until you consciously realize this illusion and choose to stop experiencing these dense lessons and decide to continue your spiritual growth beyond this dimension.”


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    7 years ago

    There are more options than that.

    My position is:

    (3) No one can know whether or not God exists, but there is no reason to believe that God does exist, or that the universe was created.

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  • 7 years ago

    God sovereignly reigns and rules in His creation at every moment in time. God is omnipresent.

    I know not of this reference to God "stabilises Himself".

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    As I see it...God creates the universe and prefers to inhabit the minds and actions of those who dedicate themselves to the work of ministry. As a Christian, I believe that the believers in Christ are God's body. The Bible refers to believers as "The Body of Christ". We (with all of our foibles and flaws) are commissioned to be the ears, eyes, arms, legs, feet, and hands of God. We are His proxies, and feed the sheep, clothe the naked, give drink to the thirsty, etc. If we hear God's call to minister to those brethren (and sistren) and fail to do so, WE are accountable to His judgment

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    Maybe Gods did not create the universe. Maybe they evolved out of it like the rest of us did.

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    7 years ago

    God is in the entire Universe.


  • 7 years ago

    Option #3: God doesn't create anything on account of not existing.

  • sure YOU find YOUR prefered option as the correct one.

    presuming you point to Vishnu in your anagram... it would be the (2) of your false dichotomy.

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