Who would survive the Hunger Games - Annabeth Chase or Katniss Everdeen?

Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson and the Olympians or Katniss Everdeen from (obviously) the Hunger Games?

I say Annabeth because Katniss, while still clever, seems to rely more on physical skill, while Annabeth is both extremely intelligent and an incredible fighter. Also, (HOUSE OF HADES SPOILERS) she literally fell into Tartarus, aka hell, and was cunning enough to survive. That's some serious survival skills.

What do you think?


@DerbyGirl27, yeah, Annabeth may not know much about the technology, but the Games are almost always much more primitive. It's not like people are killing each other with computers - they're using swords and knives and bows and arrows, which Annabeth knows how to use. Also, about whether or not Annabeth exists is irrelevant, because 1) Rick Riordan addressed that in the books, and 2) it's fiction. It doesn't have to make logical sense. (Not to mention, Chaos and Gaia managed to populate the Earth without having sex - that's how the cosmos began, in the earliest Greek legends.)

Update 2:

Wow, DerbyGirl, CALM DOWN. We're talking about two completely fake, fictional universes here. This is just a silly little conversation, okay? Relax.

Update 3:

DerbyGirl, I asked for opinions, and gave my own. When I disagreed with yours, I pointed it out in what I felt was a respectful way. Please try do to the same.

And that's all I'm going to say about the matter in an attempt at maturity.

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    Katniss Everdeen. Annabeth Chase doesn't exist in the Hunger Games time. She would no nothing of the technology that is at that time. And BTW Annabeth should not exist seeing how her mother is the Virgin goddess. And don't tell me that "well after all this time Athena probably would have sex." Seeing how she turned Medusa into a monster for getting raped in her temple.

    @ Genevieve. THEY HAVE MUTANT DOGS, FIRES AND THE DEATH SPRAY....All made possible by computers. So good job there. But I guess if logic is out than the quagga that randomly killed both Annabeth and Katniss with samurai nunchuks won.

    Really? I mean you write a paragraph about why I'm wrong just so your favorite character comes out ahead. I hate it when people ask a question and look for their answer no matter how many people say say different. I'm giving you facts. Cold hard facts. And you are disqualifying these facts because you apparently have a huge hard-on for Annabeth.

    DON'T ask a question that you "know" the answer to or ask one to get your answer. Not THE answer.

    Still Gen, My I call you Gen? Doesn't matter. Annabeth has all the attributes of a Career Tribute that Katness killed/ waited to get killed. And might I add that Katness didn't get her personality from being a daughter of a "goddess" Might I also add the fact that you gave your opinion, I gave mine. You told me why I was wrong. Not another opinion. Then I told you why your facts are wrong. Than I got annoyed a little because you're still telling me I'm wrong. I gave my answer in a mature tone. But whey you replied in a bratty response I wrote to you in a language you probably understand. Sorry if you couldn't understand my intelligent and mature response, to your question.

    Source(s): First off, learn how to spell Alexandra. Secondly if you read The Hunger Games. You would know that strategy didn't work so well with the Career Tributes and they were trained in combat as well. Just saying facts. I don't feel like I'm backed against a corner so I'm not defensive
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    I'm pretty sure that Annabeth would succeed in the Hunger Games because she is cunning, clever, and extraordinarily good at combat. She is very open minded to different things, while Katniss is more dependent on her archery skills. Hope I helped =D




    Source(s): Read both series multiple times...
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    I definitely have to go with Annabeth. She knows a lot about strategy especially wen it comes to combat. And yes I know that they could not exist in the same would but the is a just a 'what if' sort of question. People shouldn't get so defensive about it.

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  • 7 years ago

    Since Katniss did survive the Hunger Games, I'd have to go with her.

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    Annabeth she's smart and knows how to survive(I mean she's the daughter of Athena). she can also fight. If she survived hell(literally) she can survive hunger games

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