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Who would win in this game?

Let's say there was a game in Spanish where you and an opponent both had sticks. On the board in front of you, there are a bunch of Spanish words. A question is asked, and the first person to hit the correct word on the board wins. If Bill Gates and Shia LaBeouf played against each other. who would win?

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    I don't have enough information about the situation to be able to tell who would win.

    What level Spanish are we talking about? Is this entry level High School Spanish, or is this a higher level, like Senior Year College type stuff?

    How well do either of the competetors know Spanish? I know Bill Gates is smart, but he's smart in Computer Programming, he might be terrible at learning languages. And I'm really unsure of the Spanish Speaking/Reading ability of Shia LaBeouf. He's an actor, so he can probably pick up languages fairly quickly, but how well does he know Spanish right now? I don't know!

    And you don't mention the stakes at all. What are they playing for? Will money go to charity or will they get a prize for being best at this? Because the stakes are important too. If it's just a cash prize, I imagine Bill Gates won't be trying very hard, he already has plenty of money and he's just giving it away to charity. If it's a prize for Charity I figure they'd both try hard to win because they'd both want to give the money to the charity of their choice.

    And a question about the board. How many boards are there? Is there just one that both of them are looking at? Or do they each have their own board with the same words on it? If it's just one board I imagine it might be kind of easy to try and block your opponent from putting their stick on the right word and while they're trying to move it back, putting your stick there instead. If it's separate boards then blocking is going to be harder, but it might also be harder to tell who got it first.

    All that being said I figure that Bill Gates would have a bit of an advantage. Having tried to help people all around the world I'm sure he's learned a few languages and if not fluent would at least be good enough to win this sort of game.

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