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how do I move amazon music to windows media?

Can someone just give me the steps to do that.. I want it in media so I can transfer it to my mp3 player

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  • 7 years ago
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    You are not specifying what music format it the music you bought from Amazon. Presume it's mp3.

    You are not specifying if you've downloaded it to your computer. Presume you did. So it is in a folder of your computer, probably in Downloads.

    You are not specifying what kind of an mp3 do you have. Most mp3 players can be conected directly to your computer through a USB port and you can view the as some external disk. So simply copy the music in your download folder to your mp3 player. You don't need any additional "media", actually you havn't specified what media you weant to use to transfer music to your mp3.

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