what do you think of unilever and mcdonalds stock?

symbols ul and mcd. lately UL is going up but is it too pricey?

mcdonalds is dropping in price earnings not so great.

how would you rate both stocks, buy, sell, or hold?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    UL has a current ratio of 0.63 which is bad

    and a value of about 24.88, if you were to buy it at the price you would have a 9% return a year which is bad

    but its trading for 41 so you would have an even smaller return a year probably around 2% - 3% its over priced

    MCD has an average book value change a year of about 3.81 percent, its valued at about $44 and is currently trading at $94.88

    its overpriced.

    I would rate both stocks a 0 out of 10 since you wouldn't make a return since that small return will be eaten away by inflation

    there are to stocks im currently buying and that is WFC and NTT check them out, there both really cheap right now

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

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