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similar medication for Carafate oral suspension?

My daughter lost her medicaid a month ago, and now she needs to continue take medications for her gastrointestinal problems.

The prices for those medicines are very very high, and I can not afford to paid in this moment.

So i am looking for similar medicines with the same ingredients.

The name for these medicines are :

Carafate 1GM/10 ML. QTY 200 bottle.

Ondansetron ODT 4 MG tablet.

I will appreciatte you advice ...She needs to have a endoscopy but we don't have insurance yet...we are trying to qualify for one in obamacare, meanwhile we need these medicines right away.

Which ones can I buy and where, that the cost can be more reasonable?.

Thank you for your help.



I also bought a generic brand in Walgreens for TAGAMET, thinking can help her temporarly, but I don't want to mix medicines.

If I start giving to her TAGAMET, which medicines I have to stop giving to her right now?.

I just try to help her with all these discomfort like nauseas, stomach, pain, fullness, etc.., releated with gastriitis or ulsers, We don't know yet what does she have exactly.

But these medicines are helping her a lot.

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  • 6 years ago
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    You did not mention her age, make certain the condition is not be aggravated by iron salts in some vitamin products, and the nausea is not due to pregnancy.

    Ondansetron is way too expensive and probably is not any better than the Rx drug Compazine, which has a cheap generic.

    I am not a doctor, endoscopy can have risks. Consider a change in diet (see below) and a better acid reducer before trying replacing the others.

    Tagamet is a poor choice as an acid reducer for a variety of reasons, short duration of action, drug interactions and hormonal effects.

    Get generic Pepcid at the Dollar General Stores, under the name Maximum Strenght Heartburn Prevention (Famotidine tablets 20mg). Two of the 20 mg tablets at bedtime likely will make a big difference.

    I don't know what is being treated, if its GERD, where the stomach acid spills up the esophagus, then sleeping on the side where the stomach drains into the intestines helps, usually that is the right side for most people.

    Also caffeine, alcohol and nicotine promotes acid secretion. The oils that give coffee its flavor are highly inflammatory, so even caffeine free coffee should be off limits. Caffeine withdrawal can make for monster headaches.

    The medical industry tends to want to order lots of tests, its a big money maker. Consider getting a book on "Human Anatomy and Physiology" at the library to understand better how the human body works. The Merck Manual link below also is informative but keep in mind it has the corporate interests in mind.

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  • 6 years ago

    Try costco. carafate is cheap. Ask her doc to suggest a replacement for the other (as he knows her history); some pharm companies have low cost programs.

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  • 6 years ago

    The generic for Carafate is sucralfate. I don't know how cheap it is.

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