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Can you make THAT much profit buying & selling goods ?

I've been watching a lot of baggage battles, storage wars etc and can you really make that much profit from selling random items and goods ? And in most cases, random everyday stuff they find e.g mattresses, clothes, old CD's etc ?

It only appears to make you cash on the side and like it could never be a full time job income. And it also looks like you have to lose cash sometimes and like you're risking your money.

I've thought about attending auctions and seeing if I could find some things I could make profit on....s it worth it ?

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    I am not familiar with baggage battles, but have seen storage wars before. If baggage battles is the same, as in not seeing what you are actually bidding on/buying, I would say it is a huge risk.

    In many cases you may not make back the money spent.

    Of course there are times when you may hit on one or two big money items and make a profit. In reality, I do not think it is as often as they show on TV.

    Now, if you attend the type of auctions where you can view and inspect each item, such as an estate auction for example, then the risk is much more minimal. You would of course have to have an idea of the value of what is being offered.

    Hope that helps.

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