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文法Global Positioning System

全球定位系統Global Positioning System


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    全球定位系統 Global Positioning System



    在這裡應該是「動詞+ing」,有兩種可能:一是動名詞positioning當名詞用,Global Positioning亦即「全球定位」之意;另一可能是現在分詞positioning當形容詞用,修飾system,故Positioning System為「定位系統」之意,兩種用法我認為都說得通。


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    若以過去分詞當形容詞Global Positioned System,看起來感覺像「全球的『定位了的』系統」或「被全球『定位了的』系統」,有被動的意涵在裡面。若直接以名詞組成Global Position System,「全球的位置系統」就感覺不到動態、動作進行的意味了。總之,Global Positioning System才是最合乎精神的用法。

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    Master DSG certainly knows the answer, but he is trying to lead us through and achieve it.

    He is a true master and teacher.

    Hey, master AP, is it another identity? Suddenly being so nice to others...

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    As matter of fact, I think Adam gave a very good explanation...

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    Adam! If it is for being used as an adjective, why not uses past participle "positioned"?

    If it is used as a noun, why not just uses "position"?

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    Master IJK! You do know me well. English is a communication tool, so it does carry a certain degree of logic in its expression (so people can follow). As long as one can take a moment to find this logic, it is not that hard to know why it needs to be used in a certain way.

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