I'm on the dating site POF and guys I'm interested don't even take me seriously?

Here's my facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jess09077 . I'm on the dating site pof and when I come across a guy I'm interested in I make an effort to communicate with him. The result is usually him looking at my profile and just ignoring my message. It's so frustrating. I tried this guy: http://www.pof.com/viewprofile.aspx?profile_id=586... and also this guy: http://www.pof.com/viewprofile.aspx?profile_id=682... and the both just pushed me off a cliff. They don't even give me a chance. What is their problem? Why don't they take the site seriously? What do they expect to find on a site like pof? Playboy models?

Update 2:

One guy messaged me back since I asked him what the hell is he doing on the site and if he wasn't going to be serious about it to get off. He mentioned he found someone and he finds that there is no reason to contact others as he is only intending to communicate with one person. I told him if that is the case then he needs to get his tootsies off the site as he obviously isn't open to giving anyone else who contacts him a chance which defeats the reason for being on the site. APPARENTLY talking to more then one person at a time is noisy and confusing. Yeah right... and yet he wanted to quit talking to me the moment I said he should get off the site then as he already "found one person to communicate with".

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    POF is not for relationships. Most people on the site are looking for quick hookups

    And 2 guys is nothing. I met my ex online but would have to message 100 guys for every 1 who responded. Of those who responded, maybe 1 in 10 would agree to meet for a date. I was online for 6 months before I met him and during that time only met 4 people for actual dates

    My brother met his wife on Match and he's a decent looking guy and was online for a year. He would message hundreds of girls and almost nobody responded to him even though he's cute, tall, educated and had a good job

    The problem with online dating is that people go for their 'type' since there is so much choice. If someone is looking for a girl who is 5'8" and blonde who looks like a Victoria's Secret model, then that's all they are looking for and won't give anyone else a chance. But girls are the same - I have friends online who only want a guy who is 6' or taller, with a good body and a high paying job and won't bother messaging back anyone who doesn't meet their requirements as there are plenty of other guys on the site who do meet the requirements

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    This is what guys go through all the time, Don't worry about it i'm sure it has nothing to do with you specifically they just aren't interested. Everyone has specific tastes, and that is proved by the fact that the two guys you messaged both look pretty similar.

    Sorry if it sounds harsh but don't worry about those 2 guys opinions, Just like the site says there are Plenty Of Fish, youll find the right person eventually

  • 7 years ago

    to me the site is full of immature guys ----- they do want a playboy model even if they are no great catch themselves ---- they are not interested in a romantic relationship

    its really difficult on sites that only rely on profiles ---- maybe look around for sites that will allow you access to chat rooms for free then you can talk to people get an idea of their personality

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    7 years ago

    you didn't show us your dating profile... that could explain a little.



    So, how many guys have messaged you?

    For you to get mad that 2 guys haven't messaged you back seems a little ridiculous.

    I bet many guys have messaged you... granted, you may not interested in them but you've received attention from some.


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