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Have you or someone you know met a famous skater? How were they?

I think it's funny to see them all smiley on tv then hear in real life they're stuck up b*tches. Of course I would never want to call someone out over the internet, but I'd just like to state I was utterly shocked at some girls attitude in real life. Of course, any skater at an elite level will have a dose of *********, but damn!!! Skaters screaming at their coaches, running other skaters down in their way, etc.

the only sweet skaters were mirai nagasu and Alissa czisny. The rest are not sweet smiley girls you see on the tv.

I'd like to hear some stories :)


Y!a censored co-ck-i-ness lol

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  • 6 years ago
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    I've met many, product of having many international competitions in my area and skating at a club where there are a few Olympic-bound skaters. So I have a looooot of stories :)

    Never met him, but Plushenko was an absolute jerk at the practice session for the short program at the 2010 Olympics. Each man was having their music played in order so they could run the program, and afterwards, they would bow/wave to the audience. Many would stop for autographs after they got off the ice. Plushenko's music was second last to play, he did one jump, then got off the ice, leaving his music playing, and ignoring the young children waiting for his autograph. I don't care how good he thinks he is, there's no excuse for being a jerk (the practice group included Lysacek, Chan, etc. so it was all medal contenders). I've met Liza Tuktamisheva (who is teeny-tiny, by the way) and Alena Leonova, and they were both perfectly lovely, so it's not the Russian 'training'; he's just a jerk.

    I've also met Javier Fernandez (friendly, funny, and happy to indulge my attempts to speak spanish), Elene Gedevanishvili (quiet, but not unfriendly), and most of the high-ranked Canadian skaters (Amelie Lacoste - quiet, Kaetlyn Osmond - talkative and cheerful, Patrick Chan - friendly, but busy, Elladj Balde - SUPER friendly, Poirier/Gilles - both friendly, love talking to fans, entertainers, Nam Nguyen - has a bit of an attitude, but he's learning, and others). The awesome thing about international competitions in Canada is that the skaters just wander around the arena after they're done. I sat next to Emmanuel Sandhu at a competition, and I've run into many other skaters just wandering around during or after an event. Most of them speak a bit of english (but I also speak a bit of Russian, Spanish, and French, which helps) and they don't mind if you just walk up to them and ask for an autograph or a photo.

    So really, aside from Plushenko, all of the skaters I've met have been nice enough. I've never seen any temper tantrums or screaming at coaches on the ice. The only thing I've ever seen would be a Japanese skater (well known, but I'm not naming names) at my club; whenever he falls, he just sits on the ice until he's told to stand up. But other than that, all the skaters I've met have been friendly, kind, and just generally decent people.

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  • I've seen Satoko Miyahara, Tatsuki Machida and Nathan Chen in person and they were all very nice, gracious and grateful of any attention they received. Satoko is actually very cute, which doesn't translate well in videos. Tatsuki is rather reserved and unassuming off ice. The pretty bows and flourishes are only for the performance. Nathan is a charming a kid as people would assume. I've also seen some of the more obscure and far less talented skaters on the JGP who are as arrogant as they come.

    I've also heard a lot of people say that Alissa is the real deal. So jealous that you've met her! As for Plushenko, people who've met him mostly say that he's a sweet guy and very considerate of his fans. I guess the arrogant persona is just his competitive mode.

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  • 6 years ago

    I saw Johnny Weir when I was a guest at some rink upstate. He was really kind and I saw him at the Pro Shop when I was getting my skate sharpened, he was really nice to the pro shop guy.

    The rink was full of really talented skaters, however a lot of them were arrogant. I was really close to getting smashed by a jumping skater. She was speeding across the ice getting ready for some jump while I was doing a camel spin, and I had enough sense to pull out of the spin before she got hit in the face with my blade. I watched as some other girl was heading off the ice and the jumper smashed right on top of her. The girl that did the jump totally saw the girl who didn't see her coming, she didn't give any warning to ANYONE, and it ended with the paramedics coming to take away the poor girl who got landed on.

    Besides that traumatic experience, most of the girls at that rink gave me looks like they wanted to kill me. Some looked friendly, but not a lot.

    I, too was surprised that a lot of skaters yell at their coaches, they scream "NO!" or other disrespectful things at their coach. I never saw this side of skating before that, and I learned from the experience.

    I wouldn't give a blanket statement that all elite skaters are jerks, a lot can actually be humble and friendly.

    It makes me wonder what makes them behave the way they do. Maybe the parent's influence, coach, stress, etc.

    EDIT: the girl who got smashed was literally LANDED ON by the skater who was doing the jump saw the girl before starting the jump, and the one who got hurt didn't see her coming.. It ending in the paramedics having to come and take away the girl who got landed on. :( I hope the poor girl recovered by now.

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  • my4
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    6 years ago

    Going back a ways here but I skated with Paul Wylie and Nancy Kerrigan who were both nice, polite, hard workers and never acted like they owned the ice. Their coaches however were the complete opposite. Mary would stand at the door to the ice, completely blocking it with her heels, long fur and flicking cigarette ash onto the mats. Her husband would stand in his shoes wherever he wanted on the ice and not move, so what if you were doing your program, you get out of his way. I taught for Sheryl Franks for a season and she was the most stuck up nastiest person I ever met. I could not wait for the season to be done. She lost most of her teaching staff that year. Her partner Michael Boticelli teaches at a local rink and he's funny and nice and extremely tolerable of the crazies he encounters (students and/or their parents)

    The best person Ive met though was Frank Carroll. I've been to some of his seminars and on ice training for coaches and he is hilarious.

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  • K
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    6 years ago

    I know someone who met Jason Brown at JGP Brisbane in 2011. She said he was sweet, polite, and genuinely surprised that she'd enjoyed his skating so much. That seems to be the theme with Jason; I've never enountered anyone who's said otherwise.

    Another person I know was lucky enough to meet Evgeni Plushenko; she said he was polite and happy to meet them all, and stood there for ages signing autographs.

    I have been lucky enough to meet most of Team Australia; Brendan Kerry, who was lovely, David Kranjec, who was polite if a little shy; three of the Dodds boys, who were all such gentlemen!; and O'Brien and Merriman, who were still so wonderfully excited to meet people even though they were dead-on-their-feet exhausted.

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  • 6 years ago

    Yes. My friend met Bam Margera (not a "famous skater" really but a famous "skater") he played at his club and met Bam and said "hey its been a great pleasure playing here" Bam replied "Well it'll probably never happen again so ya..."

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