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where do global warming skeptics get their money?

Through 2005, under Lee Raymond

A study by the US Union of Concerned Scientists reports that ExxonMobil funded 29 climate change denial groups in 2004 alone. Since 1990, the report says, the company has spent more than $19 million funding groups that promote their views through publications and Web sites that are not peer reviewed by the scientific community. [

See for fact-sheets on funding recipients.

Between 1995 and 2005, Exxon Mobil spent $16 million to "bankroll more than 40 groups to quell the claims of global warming." [14]

During 2002, ExxonMobil donated $5.6 million to public policy organizations which share its agenda, either on climate change denial or general extreme free market advocacy. These included: [2]

Acton Institute, ($30,000)

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research ($200,000)

Atlas Economic Research Foundation ($50,000)

Cato Institute ($30,000)

Center for Strategic and International Studies ($145,000)

Committee for Economic Development ($75,000)

Competitive Enterprise Institute ($405,000)

Foundation for American Communications ($175,000)

Frontiers of Freedom ($233,000)

George C. Marshall Foundation (90,000) (did they mean George C. Marshall Institute? in the PDF, it is "Foundation")

Reason Foundation ($50,000)

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    There's a parallel to what's going on with climate change in what happened 30-40 years ago with cigarettes. When tobacco companies realized they couldn't counter new studies on the health effects of cigarettes, they created their own fake research institutes and conducted their own fake research. Which showed (surprise!) that cigarettes were not dangerous to your health.

    Decades later, when tobacco companies could no longer make that claim, they were sued by people who'd believed them, who had smoked for decades and then got lung cancer or heart attacks. And the tobacco companies' defense was: "It's your own fault! You should not have believed us. You should have known all along that we were lying!"

    The oil companies will do that too, wait and see.

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    The denial groups are funded by the government . They deny that the climate has been changing since the birth of the planet .

    The most violent and extreme changes happening before man ever walked the planet .

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    That's funny, I haven't received one dime from any of these people yet I know there is no such thing as man made global warming. The Earth has been cooling and warming for as long as it has been in existance. Explain the ice caps doubling this past year. According to Al Gore, who invented global warming, the polar bears would be drowning and our shores flooded by now. Don't be a tool for the radical leftist environmentalist, learn to think for yourself.

    Source(s): Texas!
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    So a group of people with a personal financial interest in pushing global warming hysteria are pointing their finger at a group of people with a personal financial interest in not pushing global warming hysteria...

    That's not exactly a compelling argument.

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    All that money(to the groups listed) doesn't even add to 1% of the quarter of a billion, one man, Al Gore ,has pocketed in the name of global warming

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    Al Gore said sea levels were going to rise by 20 feet in in 2010. Why did he buy a mansion on the California coast? Anyone? Bueller?

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    Now post where the global warming alarmist get their money.

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    From many sources. You name only the ones that are supported by Exxon. Others are not. But of course you have joined the liberal religion of liberal bias, so facts can't change your mind.

  • What Chuck said...I 2nd that motion.

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    That's a great list of climate lie-bags.

    Too bad that Con morons feel the need to serve the RICH on their knees.

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