Counter-Strike: Source is copyrighted if used for YouTube?

This is kinda weird... I uploaded 3 videos of Counter-Strike: Source. The first is monetized, BUT the second one can't be. I placed the same song, same server, EVERYTHING is the SAME. But still I can't monetize the second part. And now the third part is "Under Review".

This is my channel: check the videos and you'll notice they are exactly the same! In fact, it's a complete footage of 20 minutes the original video... And I've been cutting every 3 minutes. So basically they are the same footage, the intro and outro songs are the same. There is nothing different between each other.

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    6 years ago
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    No, you don't have to pay nikon when you use their camera. You don't have to pay Dell when you user their computers. You don't have to pay counter-strike when you use their game. Just appeal any blocking made by YouTube and they will back off.

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