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Is my NBA 2K14 Association Team Good?

I used the Orlando Magic and Simmed till next Season:

In year one I traded Arron Afflalo, Mo Harkless, and Glen Davis for Derrick Favors and Jazz' 1st rd.

In the offseason I drafted Andrew Wiggins #1 after a tanking season, and used the Jazz' pick (6) for Marcus Smart. I signed Eric Bledsoe, Ed Davis, Rashard Lewis, Ray Allen, and Anderson Varejao in free agency. After the second year started, I traded Smart and Nikola Vucevic for Al Horford, and traded Derrick Favors and Varejao for Josh Smith (I found it funny that J Smoove and Horford re-unite once more, and Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis will most likely retire together after playing together on the Sonics, Heat, and now Magic). After trading our backup C, I signed Robin Lopez as a replacement.


PG: E Bledsoe, J Nelson

SG: V Oladipo, R Allen, D Lamb

SF: A Wiggins, T Harris

PF: J Smith, E Davis, R Lewis

C: A Horford, R Lopez

What do you think? I think this team can make a nice playoff push.

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    I think you made some good moves and bad moves. Good moves obviously include getting Wiggins and Bledsoe, but I do not think Vucevic should have been rid of. But other than that...


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