Can the Continuous Glucose Monitoring device be worn underneath your pants?

Many of you may not be able to help me. I got the CGM about two years ago for my type one diabetes and didn't really like it to much. It wasn't because it didn't work right or anything, it was mainly because it was super annoying to have something more to change, and more annoying beeps and buzzing. Also because it was extremely painful to put in. So now I'm ready to give it another go. I've seen many models of it being put on only the stomach, and haven't seen it being put anywhere else. I remember I tried putting on my leg, but it didn't like that too much because it couldn't sense it there. There has to be places other than your stomach for the CGM to be placed. And I'm not talking about your sides cause that's pretty much the same place. And don't tell me your arms either, because come on, that would look completely bazar. I' really like to be able to put it on my legs or my butt, it blends in better, and there's a ton more room and places to put it. So is it possible to put the CGM any where under the belt line? Or am I right, and the sensor just isn't strong enough to get though a pair of jeans? If you know of anything that can help me, that would be awesome! Thanks!

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    People with a little fat on their thighs (most women) can wear the sensors there, although it's not FDA approved (lots of women do it). I have friends that wear them there, but it didn't work for me.

    You can also try your butt- most people have good results there (including me).

    The Dexcom CGM has a strong transmitter. It can definitely go through pants. The minimed CGM has a weaker transmitter, but it can go through all of my pants.

    BTW, in the US, both Dexcom and Minimed came out with new CGMs in the last two years. Minimed now has the enlite sensors (same old tranmitter) vs the old sof-sensors, and Dexcom now has the G4 sensors vs the old 7+ sensors.

    I have used all four CGMs I mentioned.

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    Yes, you CAN wear a CGM under your pants.

    I've worn one in my thighs, in my buttocks, in my abdomen, and in my back.

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