Advice please please please? He F'd up and I'm mixed up :/?

So I've been in a very strong, serious long distance relationship for a very long time. We barely fight, we get along extremely well, we've never really had any serious issues before. I put everything i have emotionally and physically into this guy. I really care about him. He has always treated me with respect and shows he really cares. I've never had any trust issues with him before, surprisingly, especially since i have trust issues with most everyone else due to family/daddy issues. SO two nights ago he got so drunk he couldn't remember what happened. He felt awful about it and called me yesterday to say he screwed up and didn't know if anything "bad" (aka cheating) happened. I was shocked and devastated, especially since I begged him to stop drinking until he was of legal age and because it shattered all my trust. He later found out no cheating occurred. We made a deal that i would forgive and forget if he promised to not drink again (minus family/parent events or communion) until he was of legal age. But, I'm still feeling hurt and shook up about it. We haven't really been able to talk talk since he informed me of the previous nights events because he is at a school/band week long event. How should I deal with these emotions? I'm feeling hurt, betrayed, shocked, confused, angry, and stupid. I really really care about him. It's only his first big mistake, he has always been so perfect, and he really regrets it. I just wish everything could go back to the way it was before this whole thing. I don't want to end what we have, so how do I move past the hurt? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Number one he is human. We all make mistakes. He didn't cheat. He drank a little much. Yes it is smart to wait until you are of age to drink...if you are worried about cops. But if you think when he turns 21 he will be able to handle his alcohol any better you are wrong sweetie. Let it go. He is a man and as women it is our job to trust our men. If he loves you, it doesn't matter how intoxicated he is, he will be faithful.

    Hope this helps!

  • 7 years ago

    If u forgive him , he will do it again and again becoz he knows u libe him too much and will forgive him and u will keep letting him get away with it? Let go of him he is bad news ...cheating isnt a mistake its a choice if he done anything he chose to so i wud end it if i was you

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