How to make All-Madden more difficult.?

So I just started playing offline, and I'm currently playing a fantasy draft league as a coach. Just look at the stats from my last game.


Total offense:454 vs 214

Rushing yards:334 vs 34

Passing yards: 120 vs 180

First downs: 16 vs 7

PR yards:71 vs 0 I never had to punt to them.

KR yards:127 vs 38 I ran one from endzone to endzone for a touchdown.

Total yards:652 vs 252

Turnovers: 0 vs 0 I dropped a lot of INTs, but I pick them off more as my CBs improve.

Red zone %: 100 vs 0

Red zone TDs: 3 vs 0

Red zone FGs: 1 vs 0 The only reason i had to kick was because my starting HB got injured.

Completion %: 100 vs 56

Pancake blocks: 8 vs 1

Total sacks: 9 vs 0

My defense dominated, with only 1 player better than 89 overall.

My offense dominated, which I can understand considering that I have Arian Foster, and the best run-blocking O-line in the game. BUT 454 YARDS? AND 52 POINTS?

Can someone please tell me how to make the game WAY more difficult, but not TOO difficult.

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    6 years ago
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    You too good at madden son

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