Chromebook Acer C7 Insufficent Permission?

When I download an image, instead of downloading, it says "Failed - Insufficient permission". I'm the owner of it, and I have administrative privileges.

Any suggestions?

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  • 6 years ago
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    If you could check something for me and yourself;

    Go to chrome://settings/ (just enter that in the address bar), and scroll down to the "Users" section. Click on the button "Manage other users...". In the box that pops up, you should hopefully see your avatar picture, your google account email, and the tag "owner", all grayed out don't need to manage yourself.

    If you see more users, and someone else is tagged as the owner (or heck, non-owners may not even see the menu I described), then that could be a potential source of your problem.

    So how to reset the owner? It's pretty easy.

    This will delete local data, however, so back up any important files to your preferred cloud storage service. At the login screen (the very first screen you see after turning on the device), have these four keys pressed at the same time: Alt + Ctrl + Shift + R and say yes to the "Powerwash". Unless you turned off syncing (which is on by default), once you set up the owner, you'll have all your apps, settings, extensions, and tabs restored in a few minutes.

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