How is this done in movies?

If someone wanted to have a different voice but make it sound authentic? For ex:

Say if a Christian Bale was talking but it was Arnold's voice. I dont mean Christian trying to do the Arnold voice. I mean 100% Arnold's voice but Arnold not present. How do movies mimic the audio or if possible use sophisticated equipment(I dont know what kind) to make the voices sound differently.


Arnold Schwarzenegger*

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    It's called ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement), or looping. ADR is like a do-over for the sound portion of a film. So Christian would film hate scene, then Arnold (or someone who can do a great job of imitating Arnold) will go to a sound studio and dub their voice over Christian's in the movie. Almost all film and TV productions use ADR to some extent. Sometimes it happens because the dialogue couldn't be understood or the original recorded quality on location wasn't good enough so the actors come in to the looping. Sometimes they just want to add some background noise or something like that.

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    I have a friend who can speak like Arnie - and he's so good that Mr Schwarzenegger himself has contacted him about it.

    He doesn't use any equipment at all - he is just extremely talented.

    He can do many other voices just as well.

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