Beatles movie please help me?

Hi what's up buddies!

When I was 7 years old I saw a movie about the beatles, and I said -about- because after searching a lot in both google and yahoo (I previously asked to some friends too) and nobody, nothing...

I will describe you the things I remember from the plot. I'm sure you will realice which is the movie because the “components” are very sample.

First of all, this movie is American. A couple of friends or lovers (dunno remember this specifically) takes a road from their home state to the state where the beatles will play one night (during the moptop era, just when they arrivate to the US etc). Also, there's a scene who displays one of the fans hiding under one of the beatles's bed (from the hotel), while somebody saids: Wow dude, we are in the bedroom of the Beatles! (not with this words, but same meaning). The movie focus on the Beatlemania, I mean all the chicks getting crazy, people launching TV and radios from their bedroom window etc. There was a jealous guy who wants to cancel the concert so he climbs to the top of a electric tower stuff or something and he tries to destroy it and to cut off the electrical device so the fantastic four would not be able to play because of the energy issue. However he gets shocked because of the contact with the powerful device so he falls from the top...etc. The final scene shows the Beatles giving it all and all the crowd getting crazy I think they played “Please Please Me” or “I want to hold your hand” so that's all my data. Hope that helps.

Please tell me the title of the movie just that. Thanks. Regards.

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    I think the movie you're talking about is I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

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