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How to convince my mum to let me join the Royal Military Police(British Army)?

Hi, I have had a burning desire to join the Army since I was 13(either Infantry or RMP, I have decided to go for RMP) and I will be 18 on September 1st, and although it's not a long wait until then, the fact in knowing I am of age to apply is just making me even more desperate to enlist, but my mum won't let me, my argument is:

- Junior Entry will give me an advantage regarding run times.

- Most of my friends are out doing something they enjoy and kick starting their careers, while I am sitting in my house impatiently waiting for September 1st.

- It's eating into me the fact that I can't join up.

- If anything does happen to me, I won't hold her consent against her as it was my choice all along.

My mums arguments:

- Despises young people to go out and fight the governments wars.

- Basically despises the Army in general and will never support my decision to join.

I don't think their are any other cards to play to try and convince her, but any help or advice to try and convince her would be very helpful.

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  • Steve
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    You're too old now for junior entry anyways, you would have to be 17 and a half by the time you finish AFC which you are too late for.

    If she hates the Army so much then go for the RAF Police :)

    Problem with Parents and most other civvies is that the only things they hear about the Army and Military is from the press who obviously only ever report the bad side of things.

    You need to get her involved in all your research. Get some brochures, pay scales, benefits, opportunities etc and show her that Military life has many many more plus points than negative and do a hell of a lot more than just being a Government pawn.

    The more she knows about the role and that you have really looked into it and not just jumped in blindly the more she will understand -- She still won't like it, but she'll have a better understanding

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  • Gazza
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    7 years ago

    Look at it this way mate. It gives you about 8 months to get yourself in peak physical condition.

    Good Luck son, and stay safe. I wish you the best.


  • Anika
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    7 years ago

    Who cares. When you're 18 enlist. You'll be a legal adult. No argument is needed.

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