I really wanna transition into a girl so bad.. Inputs?

ever since I can remember as a kid, I've always felt like I was a girl inside. even though I am biologically a male. I've always known I wanted to transition in the future. I get anxious just thinking of it. Unfortunately I can't do it until I move out of my parents and on my own (I'm 19)... I'm scared I won't pass, the bottom pictures are me dressed as a girl. Would I be pretty? Of course ill go under HRT treatment... I know transitioning male to female is hard but I really wanna do it. Anyways my question is if I'd be passable or attractive? Please no comments about embracing being a boy. I DON'T FEEL LIKE IM A BOY NOR AM I HAPPY BEING A BOY.

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    Overly beautiful as a girl *-*

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    6 years ago

    Yes, you're very beautiful. :) You would definitely pass as a woman.

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    6 years ago

    definitely pass.. but seriously youre coming off thirsty as hell.

  • 6 years ago

    you look pretty as a girl!

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