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Richard Sherman a thug?

By now we've all seen Sherman's post game interview with Erin Andrews after the NFC Championship.

What do you all think?

I did not find anything wrong about it. He made a game winning play, was still pumping with adrenaline when he was interviewed, and Crabtree and Sherman have a small bit of history, going back and forth.

Social media/news media views Sherman as a villain, a bad guy. People are saying he's straight outta Compton. Well, obviously he is, but he is no thug as far as I'm concerned. A thug does not stay academically eligible long enough to play football at Stanford. A thug does not finish school once being drafted.

Sherman graduated in what, communications? So he's no biochemist major, but I promise you those general education requirements at Stanford are some of the hardest in the country.

So besides having a big mouth, and being a self centered, Kanye like a**hole now and then, what makes him a thug?

Side note.. Can we really even call him self centered? After his rant he screamed LOB. Legion of boom, making sure his supporting cast was recognized. After his second interview how happy was the man to help get his team into the Superbowl?

Anyways, I'd love a good reason on why he is a straight outta Compton thug.

One more thing, does the corner leading the league in interceptions, on the least amount of targets have a right to think he is the best? I've never heard him say he is the best all time (he very well may have said it at one point) so I'm going to assume he is talking about the moment. At the moment I think it may be a fair conclusion to come to. Thoughts on that?

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    The guy is definitely a thug, he's worse than Aaron Hernandez...

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    Richard Sherman's behavior is inexcusable, as he is a full-grown man and 30 years old, graduated from one of the best universities, and has a lot of life experience. I don't know enough about Richard to say whether or not I think he's a thug at all, but I don't think a university education absolves somebody from that possibility. This is something people need to learn. I see and hear people everyday thinking a college education absolves them or others from all sorts of negative things. It doesn't. That said, I'm curious about Richard's childhood, especially being that he grew up in Compton. I think there's some possibility that the display we saw was the thug in him shining through. Just as they say you can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy - the same may be true with thugs.

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    Guys from Compton get a bad rap. Take Reynaldo Weeks, who is dealt the same repugnance as Sherman. Little do people know that Weeks has a PhD at Carnegie Mellon in Astrophysics.

    A word to the wise is sufficient.

  • If he's not a thug, he made a complete a** of himself. FOX knew what would happen. Interview right after the play, emotions at high tilt? Too bad Sherman played into their hands.

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    Yes, he's definitely a thug, it doesn't matter if he went to Stanford, Peyton Manning went to Tennessee, would you call him a thug? Sherman could take several lessons from Peyton about how to conduct yourself

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    I am a HUGE Seahawks fan, but Sherman's post game actions were uncalled for.

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    He seems like the kind of guy who always has a chip on his shoulder. It's him vs the world and if you ask him he's winning.

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    No, he is a trash talker. That back it up. Larry Bird was the same way but a lot worse.

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    yeah hes a trash talker, but essentially won the game for the seahawks but tipping that ball to his teammate...if you trash talk back it up and he has been doing it game after game...cannot hate....

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