why doesn't mail load?

My yahoo mail doesn't load

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    7 years ago
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    Hi John,

    Unfortunately, it's hard to help with this question without getting some more information on it. I recommend adding more information to the "Additional Details" field in this question, or asking your question again with a more detailed description.

    Most issues with Yahoo Mail can be resolved using the troubleshooting steps in this help article:

    "Fixing browser and display issues on Yahoo"


    You may also consider switching to a different free Web browser that may provide a better Internet experience for you:

    "Web browsers supported by Yahoo"


    If that doesn't fully address your question, please include the following details to help you get the best answer possible:

    * The interface you are using to access your account (such as: a Web browser on your computer, a Web browser on your mobile device, the default email app on your device, a Yahoo! Mail app, or an email application on your computer). Don't forget to include the name and version of the software you're using.

    * A list of the exact steps you are taking.

    * The exact text of any error message that you may be receiving. It is important you include the full error message.

    * Any other information that you feel is important in helping us resolve your issue.

    If you would rather contact us directly, please compile this information and fill out our Customer Care contact form at:



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