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Can you help me with my BIOS update problem?

Can someone help me with BIOS? My motherboard is an FM2 A75MA E35 ( and I have an AMD A8 6660k APU, but the BIOS requires a Trinity APU in order to update to the 2.0 version (the 2.0 supports Richland APU's). Does anyone know step by step how to get past this using a flash-drive, so I won't have to get a new motherboard or Trinity? I've had a few people say that they got past using a bootable USB or something. Any help will be appreciated.

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    use a tool such as RMPrep to create a bootable DOS usb stick

    preferably using a small old usb stick as this will create a small partition on the stick and if you are not good with partitioning you may have trouble getting it back to a normal size stick


    so dig out an old 2g usb stick

    once you have created a dos bootable stick have a go at booting it. so long as that goes ok and the stick works

    if it goes ok, then copy the latest bios zip file onto it

    it can then be unzipped there.

    then follow this

    which is very poorly described but looks like

    AFUD23B <the name of the bios file as unzipped above>

    *note the AFUD23B is the Bios flash utility for DOS.


    if you cannot get the mainboard to boot with your cpu, then you must find a more suitable cpu to start the pc with.

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