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Will Wes Welker make New England pay for low balling him and disrespecting him ?

There's no other way to describe Patriots coaches and owner dealing with Wes Welker . He made 9.5 million in the last year as a New England receiver. With record setting catches and yards in a season and all the big hits he have taken on almost every one of them , you think you will deserve a little respect in the monetary value the club will offer.

But no, New England low balled the best slot receiver in the league, they gauged the league and after realizing that there are no teams interested in Welker , tried to get him for cheap. 10 million for two years are you kidding me? Even good for nothing Ochocinco got 6 million a year :) In New England.

Even after Tom Brady redid his contract and take less money so that he had better players to play around him so that he can get that next Super Bowl. The owner and coach and franchise did exact opposite , they let the leading receiver in franchise go just because they cannot afford to pay him 6 million a year . Ridiculous !!!

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    @Patsfan Welker did so much for Patriots and your gonna hate him

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    Sure. Some of these so called Patriot fans should just identity themselves as Brady fans since they just throw the entire team under bus to prop up Brady.

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    Welker betrayed us for the enemy. He dropped the possible game winning pass in the Super Bowl, then decided to demand more money a year later. That's not how it works. Welker was a great New England Patriot, no doubt. But now he's a Denver Bronco. I hope he drops a game ending TD pass for them.

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    i hope so

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