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Could I help decide about moving to Dallas while I'm at Lackland air force base in San Antonio?

Im a 18 yearold guy and I'm planning on joining the Air Force, I only plan on enlisting for a few years of active duty and after I am out I want to become a police officer. I want to work and live in a big city and I don't want to live in California and I really like Texas and am interested in trying to get a job with the Dallas Police Department and relocate there. I have grown up in a pretty small area of Idaho so I'm about 3 states away from Texas. I've done a lot of research and so far I really like Dallas but I would like to go there before I go decide to try for the job and live there because I have not been to Texas since I was very young.

When I join the airforce I will go to Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio Texas about 5 hours away from Dallas. I was wondering how long I would be there, would I do my basic training there then leave? Or would I do my specialty training there too. I know with graduation town passes you have to stay in the San Antonio area so I was wondering if I would get vacation time or something that would allow me to visit ? And when I finish training could I put in that I would prefer to stay at a base in Texas , IF possible?

And also I was curious about getting my Texas law enforcement certification. Since In currently in idaho I know there is a certification program here so I assume there is a like program in Texas. I was curious if I could do the Texas law enforcement program while in the airforce at lackland? I know they have the community college of the airforce and you can take college courses and you can have assistance for furthering your education off base, but would I possibly leave Texas before that point? Or could I do it in the end of my enlistment or would I have to do it when I get out, and then would they help me? And my goal would be to get a job as security forces and get a associates degree in criminal justice.

It would be a great help if you also had any information what I have asked or any extra information about the Texas law enforcement certification, and of course Dallas is only one of my possible places to live my life, it's a big one in my mind right now if not the biggest, and hopefully I would meet a nice girl and eventually marry and have a family in Dallas, maybe even a southern strong yet soft girl who's also a cop like the ones on TLC's Police Women of Dallas cause I love that show! But I really appreciate you taking the time to answer!

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  • 6 years ago
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    While your essay shows amazing foresight, you are so likely to be moved around and stationed elsewhere in your 4-6 years of active duty (you have looked at your obligations when enlisting, haven't you) that you are unlikely to hold to the same plans when you are a third older than you are now. And the rules may well change.

    Once you are out of training, you will get unrestricted leave and can travel where you can afford to go in the time you have available, but there is no such thing as leave while in training - you will have inspections on weekends, etc.

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  • Ask your recruiter about where you'll do your basic training and tech school.

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