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Why do my son's toys turn themselves on?

I am not a believer in paranormal - so don't tell me a ghost. My son has some battery operated toys (a horse he can ride that will neigh if he pushes a button on its ear, etc.) that go off out of nowhere, when no one is near them. Just tonight, just me and the wife home, his Singing Elmo started singing in the other room by itself. Nothing else near it. You have to push a button to make it sing; if you push the button while it's going, it starts the last measure over again. It was going off like something was having a heyday pushing that button. My wife's convinced its a ghost- I want the scientific reasons as to how and why this happens.

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    we had the same issues with singing Barney. My babysitter was so scared of them she would beg me to take them with me to work. lol. CHeck the batteries. When they are low on juice, the toys tend to malfunction. Ghosts don't play with toys. lol

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    There could be a short in the electronics. But I highly doubt that So yeah its probably a ghost

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    Secretly their recording at your house for the next paranormal :P

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    I read the title wrong for a second.

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  • 7 years ago

    I read that question wrong... thankfully.

  • Alan
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    7 years ago

    They are horny.

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