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Traditional Catholic Church in Phoenix?

We moved a few months ago from Wisconsin to Phoenix, Arizona. We have tried a few churches and only found one to be what we would consider "traditional", however there are limited masses and half are in Spanish. We are looking for a church that does not have an entire band set up for music, we are happy with piano or organ. We are not interested in a church that has any hand waving or participation such as that. We came from a church that still had a communion rail and a choir with organ or piano, depending on what mass you attended. I am not against anyone practicing their faith in that manner, I just prefer to do it "the old fashioned way." Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    There are many apps you can get that will give you mass times and locations near you home. Why not try the pre Vatican two mass? That is as high church as it gets, and I know that Pope Benny authorized every archdiocese to accommodate the faithful who prefer this way to worship--so every city must have at least one.

    Good luck, I enjoy a traditional liturgy as well, but not too traditional, somewhere I'm the middle is nice for me.

    God bless.

    Also, it's called the, "tridentine" mass if I am not mistaken.

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