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two hands

double hands

both hands








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    "two hands" 只意味著兩隻手,他們可能是從另外兩個人或是從一個人的兩隻手,也可能是自己的兩隻手.

    "double hands" 它大致與 "two hands" 相同. 然而, "double hands" 可能意味著兩隻相同的手(左或右).

    "both hands" 指的是自己的兩隻手.

    他們真正的意思要視上下文來判断,尤其是對 "two hands" 與 "double hands"來說.

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    If your "雙手" means your own hands. You can use:

    both your hands,

    both hands,

    your two hands.

    But NOT

    your double hands,

    double hands.

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    This is why I say "視上下文來判断".

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    You cannot use "double hands" for your own hands is because "double hands" means two of the same hand (left or right). You only have one left and one right hands.

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    both hands,two hands Okay.

    The grammar and oral idiomatic sayings are:-


    good with your hands:-skilful at making things

    turn your hand to:-to start doing something new or practising a new skill to anything.

    keep your hand in:-to keep practising something so you do not lose your skill:-eg You should work parttime, just to keep your hand in.

    (2)Other Meanings:-

    go hand in hand:-to be closely connected:-High unemployment and high crime often go hand in hand.

    get your hands on:-to obtain something:-They all want to get their hands on my money

    lay your hands on:-to find or obtain something:-I'll bring some fruit,if I can lay my hands on.

    have time on your hands:-to have a lot of time because you have no work to do.

    on the one hand....on the other hand:-used when comparing different or opposite facts or ideas:-On the one hand I want to sell the house, but on the other hand I can't move and the moving!!!!!

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    double hands 倒是沒聽過 @@

    both hands 跟 two hands 都是對的!

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    直接+s就是雙手了 ...

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