How to create a source code based on the publication bellow?

to predict lotto winning numbers. Is it possible to include all formulas, may be they are 300 or more..?

I mean super lotto, mega millions, power ball etc...


Statistics Hacks By Bruce Frey - this publication

Update 3:

prediction based on past winning numbers

2 Answers

  • Lesus
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Your link is a 289 page book. You can't predict winning lotto numbers, you can just generate random numbers. Or you can keep records of the numbers that have won in the past, to try to find which ones are more likely to win in the future. But the state lottery boards are doing that too. It's unlikely that you could improve the odds enough to break even. I wonder, did you pay for all the ebooks in your ftp directory, or are they available for free legally?

  • You do realize that the odds of winning are one in millions to even billions, it is literaly impossible to predict the lottery even if you used advance formulas and algorithms, you still would have to take into accounrt that there are about 40 numbers that could be picked and they are chosen at random

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