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Preparing for/questions to ask the vet?

I recently acquired a rescue horse, and she will have her first vet visit soon. She did not have it sooner because she was almost untouchable before. I've now got her halter broke and I've been working on leading and desensitizing. My question is,

-How should I prepare for this vet visit? What things should I work on with her before the visit?

-And what questions should i ask the vet about her? Like what types of vaccines are good to have where we live and of course about coggins. I'm sure she needs her teeth done but what else should I ask about?

She's 3 years old by the way.

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  • Rosie
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    7 years ago
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    Ask your vet to help you set up a vaccination and reworming schedule.

    If you aren't sure, you can ask about feeds/feeding.

    If you don't already have one, ask who your vet recommends for a farrier.

    Other than that, it depends on what you want to know. Your vet will probably ask you questions about what you've been feeding, when you last dewormed, and what was used.

    You can feed off those questions to think of more.

    Depending on how well you know your vet he/she may want you to keep a few medical supplies on hand. My vet made sure I always had the basic stuff, so if I had a minor thing happen, I could take care of it w/o having him come out. Or I could do an initial treatment allowing him more time to get to my horse.

    Good luck!

  • Gwyn
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    7 years ago

    work on being touched in sensitive areas, being wormed, touched with a stethoscope, legs touched/picked up.

    Ask about everything you can think of! what he/she thinks about the diet she is on, if she is a healthy weight, if she is totally sound, if she does need her teeth checked. we don't know your horse, and vaccinations vary from horse to horse sometimes, so ask the vet that.

    keep working on her. also work on having strangers in general touch her, and lead her Etc.

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