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Completely lost in life?

Long story, but basically I've been on and off homeless out of highschool and briefly went into community college but ended up dropping out because I have some serious emotional health and mental issues that have never been addressed. I have no income and can't get a job where I am currently. I'm in debt with financial aid and former hospitalizations from past suicide attempts and I'm far from established anywhere. All I want to do is go back to school but I have no money at all and a debt to pay off, and my mental concerns are far from addressed and I haven't the access to a professional in this god forsaken backwoods place. I simply do not know where to go from here or what to do-- my entire life is defined by the lack of substantial existence within the grid for the past 2 years after high school. I feel like nothing short of a hard reset could amend this disaster.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

    It will help you focus and make you feel better.

    Go to church - great support for small jobs and helping one another plus faith can bring great peace.

    Prayer and/or meditate at 10PM every night for an hour. Breathe slowly and learn meditation techniques and for me prayer works best - the Rosary in fact. This will calm you and clear your mind to see the path for your life.

    Do odd jobs for neighbors and relatives if you can.

    Now get 3 pieces of paper

    1st piece of paper:

    Write down what you want to be doing, have and be in 3 years from today ($s saved up, car, etc...)

    2nd piece of paper (on top)

    Write down where you need to be after one year to get to 1/3 of that goal.

    3rd piece of paper (final one top then staple together)

    On top half write the 3 things you must do every day now to achieve your 1st year goals. (They may change like today it's find a job, join church, volunteer. After you do these you will update it ach month - stapling the next page on top of the past.)

    On the lower 1/2 write:

    I am a hard worker.

    I am smart and believe in myself.

    I will achieve my goals becuase I will never give up.

    Read this aloud every morning and every night before bed.

    You have the Internet right? Go look up EricThomas Moptivation and listen to him - you will see.

    I believe in you.

    No great success ever started with less than this, a simple idea & working toward your dreams. You are taking the 1st step. Do this for 30 days and your world will change.

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  • 6 years ago

    Medical bills - contact the billing department and ask if they have a grant program. Many hospitals are well aware some people are unable to pay their bill and have funds for this. They just will not volunteer the information. My hospital bill went from $2,000 to $100 and I still had to make payments.

    Every city offers some type of free mental health services. You can find them via your county hospital.

    Nothing you can do about owing the school. They just have to wait until you get your life on track. What you can do is seek out free on-line classes. Study a variety of things until you get your life on track and decide what you want to do.

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  • 6 years ago

    this is really hard to answer as you dont state where you live. you need counselling, go to your doctors, thats got to be a start, right? and if no one will employ you, think about setting up from home. i have been in and out of jail and drugs n allsorts, mental health included, yet i run two businesses from home. good luck. x

    Source(s): being aint been easy!
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