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Why are HeLa cells used in so many fields of research? What makes them so special and easy to work with?

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    HeLa cells are immortal, able to be passaged in tissue culture indefinitely. They grow very rapidly in optimal conditions and withstand experimental conditions.

    Fresh tissue samples provide cells that enter tissue culture and soon die out. Differentiated cells have a limited life span in culture due to Hayflick limits.

    Many differentiated cells require contact or special adherent tissue relationships to grow. HeLa cells grow in suspension not as adherents so require fewer steps to passage This requires less costly handling and materials.

    HeLa cells made it possible to have cells available for experiments without getting fresh tissue samples. They made a common base controlled variable for repeating experiments or in comparing different experiments.

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    They're an immortal cancer cell line. It's that they never die and they divide infinitely. For example specialised cells like epithelial cells have a constrained amount of times they can divide until they reach a point which they can divide no more and lose their phenotype. Thus by using like a standard cell lines in scientific research scientists avoid cell specific variables gives rise to better results.

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