Active duty military spouse benefits?

I am getting married to my boyfriend of seven years. He was an active duty soldier for three years, left and went into the guards so we could be together before we make the leap into marriage, and now he is going back into active duty. What are some benefits that I would receive as his wife? Curiosity is getting to me. This is all new to me but he's talked about a few. Can he transfer his 3 years of school to me (I know cost can change the years), do I get dental, does he get money for housing off base if we bought a house? Anything is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Just want to prepare as he will be back in around six months.

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    You will be an Army spouse.

    Once entered into the DEERS system and you have your ID card, your benefits are:

    - use of all the usual facilities on-Post, i.e.: bowling alley, education office, chapel, etc, etc

    - shopping at the Commissary and PX

    - medical and dental care through TRICARE, either on- or off-Post

    - transfer of GI Bill educational benefits

    He will be able to live off-Post; he will receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), which is an allowance based on the zip code of where he is stationed; it is designed to provide about 90 percent of the AVERAGE housing costs and is based on his rank and dependant status - in this case, with/dependants. It is a tax free allowance,which you all can do with as you see fit. If your housing costs are less than his BAH, he gets to keep the extra. If more, then he gets to pay the difference out of his base pay.

    He will also receive a tax-free Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS), which is a little over 300 bucks a month to pay for HIS food costs; however, in reality, it is just one more amount that gets added into the overall family budget.

    There will be a unit Family Readiness Group - get involved with it, as it will greatly ease things for you - as long as you stay out of the phuqqing gossip and drama that sometimes goes along with it all.

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    Yes, you get full medical and dental, and you get a housing allowance. You also get access to base facilities like the gym and the grocery store.

    Since he's already in the NG, what you might want to do is have him invite one of his prior active duty married shipmates over for dinner with his wife. Then while the husbands tell war stories and watch football you can chat with the wife about life as an army spouse.

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    Post 9/11 GI Bill (Assuming he didn't use it yet)

    BAH w/ dependents

    Tricare Prime (Best med insurance and has dental included)

    VA Loans

    More pay mainly, but you should talk to a family readiness rep (or equivalent) to know more. Just so you know BAH is not suppose to cover your mortgage.

    Use this:

    Check if you can get a place within reasonable distance and have a bit left over, if not you can always live on base.

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    nothing other than Tricare., you must pay for Dental insurance. your ID card gets you access to the base and most base facilities.

    HE gets BAH not you

    he is not eligible to transfer his GI bill you until he has served a minimum of 6 years AD and committed to another 4( total oif ten years AD) and if he gets out before he does the full ten years the transfer is revoked and you will not be allowed to use it.

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    You receive "ZERO" Benefits...

    They are "ALL" His...Nothing is for FREE !!!!

    If he isn't living in "On Base Housing" he will receive "BAH" for HIM...

    BAH is for his "Room & Board" only...It is NOT a Marriage Allowance...

    You have NO claim to it EVER !!!!

    NO, he cannot Transfer his GI Bill to you, unless he has

    Served a Minimum of 10 years and has re-enlisted once again...

    Unless he has a Critical MOS ???

    I doubt that he will be going AD in the Army !!!!

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    figure it out spousie

    MSgt USAF ret

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