John asked in SportsHockey · 6 years ago

Which hawks players jersey should i get?

im thinking brandon saad since he isn't a big name yet like toews or kane and not too many people have it who would you guys get Kane Toews Hoss Hull Sharp or Seabrook

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    Your favorite players' one. Taking a Brandon Saad jersey will get you a ticket out of assumed bandwagonism because people think bandwagon fans only wear jerseys from Kane, Toews, Sharp or Seabrook.

    Source(s): Not assuming that you're a bandwagoner, nor that any other Blackhawks fan is one, but just telling how it is.
  • 6 years ago

    Anybody but Kane, everyone at my school thinks im a fanboy just because he's 2nd best in the NHL. It's really annoying. I suggest Sharp or Seabrook. Sharp is doing really good now and Seabrook needs to get out there

  • 6 years ago

    Patty kane no doubt, actually maybe Toews, i think you should get brandon saad, stand out a little

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