Louisiana CDL Medical Exemption?

I am trying to find out if there are any exemptions to the requirement for CDL Medical Cards?

My company a semi-truck dealership, we sell and repair vehicles. We do not haul trailers, travel any distance or do any commercial driving.

The only driving done by our CDL licensed drivers is to test-drive vehicles once repairs are completed.

Is there an exemption for the medical requirements for those under these circumstances?

Can you please provide me with a link to the answer. I've done a fair amount of research and can not find what I am looking for!



Just to be clear;

I am NOT looking for an opinion (I.E. "I doubt it" is not the answer I am looking for). I am looking for a direct answer with information to where I can find such info for myself. I am having trouble finding the info on my own.

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    Medical cards are not required for the job you have described. If they are not driving out of the state and not more than 100 AIR miles from your facility they don't need the cards. What each driver (not you) must do is file with your state's DMV a self certification for "excepted intrastate" This will eliminate their Medical Card requirement. BUT that will add a restriction to their CDL making it "Intrastate Only". They will still be able to drive non-commercial vehicles out of the state. ALL states DMV's must have all DOT Medical Cards on electronic file by the end of THIS month, anybody without the card on file OR hasn't exempted themselves from it will have their CDL suspended. This is per FMCSA Federal law.

    I personally would just get the physical seeing it takes all of 20 min and avoid having a crippled CDL. Also, I would think it would be piece of mind for you as the employer knowing their as healthy and able as all the others on the road commercially. Terrible accidents happen on test drives too, your just as responsible in the event of something bad happening on your companies time.

    I would STRONGLY advise you to get an FMCSA Green Book and familiarize yourself with the regulations that apply to all drivers (and employers). Being a dealership doesn't mean that stuff doesn't apply! The Feds get very mad, very quickly when you break their rules, and saying "I didn't know" just makes them madder!


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    I doubt it, your drivers are still on the road if they are doing test drives.

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