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What stuffs can I freely post onto my websites?

1.) Can I get paragraphs from then post it "as is" onto my websites? Or no?

2.) If I have a book I purchased, does that mean I can use any paragraphs there to post onto my websites? Or no?

- How about magazines, etc. I had bought?

Aside from PLR articles, where else (sites) can I search for something, which would allow me to post them freely onto my websites?




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  • Jamey
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    You have to check if the material is copyright. If it doesn't say so, then it's public domain and you can use it. It always says somewhere if it is copyright (it's in the publisher's interests to say so).

  • 6 years ago

    You need written permission from the authors to post those paragraphs, articles, magazines, etc. on your website.

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