Christians have you genuinly read your bible?

He is a murderer (god) and he stoned someone to death for working on the wrong day, he kills you basically no matter what..

why do you have faith in such a monster and there are so many contradictions its unreal
Update: Just think about it, its a book,how on earth could a book tell the future its impossible
Update 2: Reverend i can't tell if your atheist or not but they probably only believe in it just incase he is real, he's as real as santa claus, if there was actual proof i would believe, there is no proof at all, and no the bible is not proof
Update 3: There is no such thing as Sin.
Update 4: Obviously there is going to be somethings in there that happen, if he has predicted pretty much everything to happen, some of it is actually going to happen.
Update 5: Just A Messenger: The only person who created me is my mother and father, not some weird pedophile and rapist/murderer.
Update 6: Kent: In a years time i will send you that message and say, what a freak
Fireball: That makes no sense.
Update 7: Koroh: i respect you on that!
Update 8: No thanks Jereh, i'd prefer to not look up some random word that means nothing to this world
Update 9: Why are you lot trying to explain to me who GOD, is? I know who he is, but it is unbelievable
Update 10: Also the word Covenant, that doesnt apply to me as i dont believe in god Jereh.
Update 11: Also Noah's Ark, if you believe it then yeah, how on earth can you fit all the animals in a boat? wheres the whales gonna go?
Update 12: I dont care who you guys believe in, im just proving a point.
Update 13: Dude you may of put 2 minutes of copy and paste into that, but im not wasting 5x the amount of time into this.
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