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Can I be Informed if my daughter leaves the country?

I have a 19 years old daughter dating someone online, she wants to fly to him, and im seriously worried about her, i searched and found out there is no way of stopping her but trying to talk with her, i tried talking with her, it didn't work.. so is there at least a way that i can be informed if my daughter order tickets and or leave the country? can the airport inform me? or any other way?

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    Nobody can inform you as she is over 18. It would be illegal for the airport to inform anyone about a passenger's details

    EDIT -- I agree with Airpole. if you want to find out what she is doing, act like you support her. Meet with her or call her and apologise saying you are sorry you were being so overprotective but she's still your little girl. But say that you also know that she's now a mature, responsible adult who can take care of herself and you don't want to stand in the way of her independence. Tell her that she can make her own choices and you hope everything works out with this guy. But the one thing you don't want is any sneaking around. Tell her you will support her but she just has to keep you informed when she is going and where she will be staying as you are still her father and worry about her. And say that you just want her to keep in touch daily when she's there so you won't be freaking out and know that everything is fine. That's the best way to keep tabs

    I'm a lot older than 19 and I still let my parents know my travel plans and where to get in touch with me when I go out of the country just in case something were to happen and they needed to speak to me. And they send me their travel plans as well when they go overseas.

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    Unfortunately, by the time she is legally an adult you have no way to meddle with her life.

    Although your intention is well meant. legally you can not be helped.

    The only thing you can do is pray that she is not taken advantage by that man and that she is faring safely.

    I suggest that you stop objecting to her intentions and try to befriend her and make her confide to you her plans.

    Depending on which country she is intending to go, you can explain to her the possible danger of traffiking. Try also to learn as much as possible about that person and any Information that can be useful if things go wrong.

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    She's 19 and legally an adult. Other than hiring someone to follow her, there's nothing you can do.

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