urgent!!! can a 23 year old indian female (graduate) get a work visa in dubai ??? please help !!!?

hi i will complete graduation (bcom) this year and also DEM (diploma in event management) and want to work in dubai since my boyfriend lives there . is it possible for me to get a work visa or get hired by a company in dubai ??? i am 22 years old female from india !!

thank you !

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  • 7 years ago
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    Only qualified employers can apply for employment visas for their qualified employees. You cannot apply. You will have to research job openings in Dubai to see if new grads with no experience might qualify for a job & visa. You may need experience to qualify for a job & qualify for a visa!

    IF you qualify for some category of employment visa in Dubai, and IF you apply for jobs, and IF you ever actually find a job, then the employer will apply for your visa. After you get your visa (visa interview & visa stamping must be done in your country of citizenship), then you may enter Dubai on your employment visa.

    Start doing your homework.

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