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Is the Health Insurance Marketplace (Obamacare) website still not working?

I made an account, filled out the application, got to the last page to send the application and the website told me there were technical difficulties in transmitting the application and to try back in 24 hours. That's fine but when I went back to the site later to browse through insurance options it isn't recognizing my login/password. I had the website email my info to me in case I had forgotten anything but everything was right.

Is everyone having this issue? I thought they fixed it a month or so ago.

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    No, everyone is not having this issue. Thousands of individuals including myself successfully enrolled before December 23rd and are already insured. You can get insurance over the phone or through the mail if you are unable to navigate the website. If at first you do not succeed, try try again. The website is functioning.

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    As of Sept the 25 the website is undergoing maintenance. And may extend far beyond this based on prior experience. So if anyone is trying to upload there documents online. you'd only have the choice to submit them thru the mail. Hate to break this news to anyone but there is no email or fax to send your supporting documents. The options are either uploading or mailing.

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    Correct. There are still tons of issues with that website.

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