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什麼是floor speech



Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell delivered an extraordinary floor speech last week in which he essentially auditioned for the job of Majority Leader – the one currently held by Democrat Harry Reid of Nevada.

的floor speech


想問看看 感謝了

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    Senate floor 參議院議堂發言講台 (區)

    Sen. McConnell delivered a speech on the Senate floor ...

    = Sen. McConnell delivered a Senate floor speech...

    = Sen. McConnell delivered a floor speech...


    翻譯時說參議員McConnell 在議堂演說即可,不用聲明在講堂.因為要發言得上台.

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    McConnell is a senator. He makes speech on the Senate floor, not on the House floor.

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    floor = the area where senators conduct formal meetings.

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    When a Member of Congress is given time to formally express an opinion or make a statement on an issue before the House, they are said to have the 'floor' of the House, and their views are referred to as a 'Floor Speech'.

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    Senate跟House都有其floor,當然不論是參議員或眾議員各自在其議會發表的演說,都可稱之為floor speech. 原題是描述參議員發表演說,Adam所引例子只是剛好以House舉例,聰明的網友應不致誤會。

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