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    --------The translation Jane20:----

    First,the introduction :-

    In order to get people back to Tiger-tail sugar factory's golden age, to get people movements of hardship&glory, to act with the most famous local attired-puppet for central ideas will be attracting people from all over the place for performance. It will be coupled with the famous landmark to illustrate; to let visitors know that Tiger-tail is not only the center of agricultural products, but also a no. of excellent places to encourage the flow of local crowds.

    Second , the motive:-

    Students from the different areas forming our team, have learnt different knowledge after a year of learning in school&learnt that Brilliant books are holding "2013 National College Enterprising advertising scheme for the talented programmes". All are on their own dedicated contribution,&looking forward to applying the knowledge to plan onto the contest&win honour for the school.

    Third,the purpose:-

    This plan through the expectation in perspective, have shaped Tiger-tail culture as a whole literary image. Tiger-tail has been nurturing deep sugar heritage professional.It is through the external creativity and arts that were stimulated into greater activity which excited the development of Tiger-tail towards an artistic city with development opportunities.

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    1. Introduction:

    In order to make people return to the prosperous period of Huwei Sugar Refinery ,mainly using the famous puppet show in the area, feeling people's hardwork and brilliant moments, attracting people to station to perform, plus the famous landmark for view, so that visitors know not only is the city of Formosa farm, but there are also many good quality place, thereby bringing crowds.

    2. Motivation:

    Our team of comes from different fields of expertise, what they know varies from person to person, after more than a year of study at the school, Ding Mao books organized the "2013 National College Planning experts", all dedicated contribution to the power of their own, hoping learn to use the knowledge to plan on the competition and win honor for their school.

    3. Purpose:

    Through this project wishes to see as the local point of view, shaping the overall cultural image in the Huwei region, cultivating Huwei local culture, historical heritage professionals. Coupled with external creativity and local arts, stimulated a spark an opportunit to make Huwei the city of art.


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