Hookah Vape Pens?... Please answer!?

My friend has this weird obsession with wanting me to try a hookah pen. He got me a set of it for my birthday. I've always wanted to try using it but never got the time. It included a pen, flavored e-liquid, some disposable ones (the flavored ones), a charger, and USB. One problem: I don't know how to use it or anything about it! I normally just smoke straight. How does it work? Like where would I put the flavor in and how would I smoke it? How much liquid do I add in?

Is the pen and flavoring all you need to smoke it?

Do they contain nicotine? I know they don't leave a smell like weed does but since they come flavored, will it smell like whatever flavor it is in the air? Do you have to smoke it with flavor added?

Last question: for the disposable one: I hear people say they come with a certain amount of "puffs" in it. So after that you throw it away or is it literal one time use?

no stupid answers! I'm only enough to smoke one anyways. Answer all my questions for 10 points

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    Google your specific device for instructions, because there's many different types of equipment, it's hard to say what you'd need to do without knowing what you have. Check Youtube, there's lots of great how to vids.

    If it's a cartridge, you pop off the mouthpiece and fill the stuffing with juice till no more will absorb, avoiding the central hole. Screw onto the battery and vape, refill when there's little taste or vapor, before the filling gets scorched. For tanks, they either unscrew at the top - so fill there - or from the bottom - so turn the device upside down to unscrew the bottom and fill, again avoiding the central channel. Fill to just below the edge of the central tube. Refill when low or when it leaks or gurgles or gives dry hits.

    The battery, juice delivery system (tank or cartridge) and juice is all you need. These days atomizers are part of the cartridge, for tanks atomizers may be removeable and replaceable or built into the unit The juice will state the nicotine level either in percentage or mg per mL. You can vape unflavored juice if you like, but any smell dissipates fast as food flavorings aren't like fragrances and don't linger much. The disposable will eventually run out of juice or battery power, at that point it's trash.

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    When they say it has a certain amount of puffs. They usually have 800 puffs. Atleast the cheap one i get has 800. I can go threw it in a day.. I usually take massaive drags and when i feel like im around 300 its all gone. Yes i do it in school usually. Im not dumb about it like most of the kids who use this product. Go in a stall between class or ask to use the bathroom and there you go. I smoked one in class once.. Really sketchy it had a werid smell. I dont smoke it in hallways cause my school has cameras. Plus a teacher could see you. I smoked on the bus to.. No big deal.. The person behind me said the bus has a werid smell. Lol have fun and dont get caught.

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  • Anonymous
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    "Hookah" pens don't contain nicotine.. They are often flavored with disposable with up to "700 puffs" which you will probably not be getting.

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