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How do you download games from Google Play on computer to an SD card?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, with 16GB. i ran out recently so i purchased a 32GB microsd. However, i know you cant download directly to the sd card from the Google Play store, unless i root my phone.

Is it possible to insert the sd card into the computer and download the game onto the sd card. and then put the sd card back into my phone?? if it is possible how do i download the game from the computer onto the sd card?

Or is there ANY way to get applications onto my phone, such as setting the default download location to the sd card?

I really dont want to delete games and other applications off my phone. im really new to this, and i dont know anything about this either

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    Hi! To move apps to the SD Card go to Settings > More > Application Manager > Select an app > Select Move to SD Card.

    Note that not all apps can be moved to the SD Card because that is decided by the app developer.

    Source(s): I own a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with apps on the SD Card!
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